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Working AC Temperature in a Start-up Firm

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Electricity saving with an ideal temperature of Air Conditioner
AC is one of the luxurious equipment in almost all urban homes. We set the temperature as we desire according to a temperature of the atmosphere. But we can save the electricity (a limited resource of our planet) by setting an ideal level of AC temperature during its start-up.


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There are some factors that influence electricity consumption-
1. Indoor air temperature level
2. Outdoor temperature level
3. Thermal-insulation policy
4. Temperature setting of AC


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Most air conditioners are able to automatically adjust the temperature in up to 5 or more times per day. We can also manually change the automatic settings if we need to at any time.
Admin says that it is always kept in mind that AC at lower temperature consumes more electricity than at a higher temperature. Here administrator is telling about the ideal setting of AC temperature policy at floor wise-

1. On the ground floor- An ideal temperature of AC on the ground floor in is 20.5 degree Celsius (68.9 degrees F) to 22.5 degree Celsius (72.5 degrees F).
2. On first to the third floor- An ideal temperature of AC on first to the third floor in is 22 degree Celsius (71.6 degrees F) to 24.5 degree Celsius (76.1 degrees F).
3. On the fourth or upper floor- An ideal temperature of AC on the fourth or upper floor in is 25.5 degree Celsius (77.9 degrees F) to 26.5 degree Celsius (79.7 degrees F).
Finally, adjusting the AC temperature 5 to 7 degrees Celsius (41 degrees F to 44.6 degrees F) down in winter and up in summer can help to save the energy.

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