Start-up culture and Corporate culture-Two Worlds with Different Rules

Near about a million companies are blooming every year around the world and the number is ever increasing. The start-up culture is receiving a huge amount of attention from the so-called IT sector from the last few years. Be it a corporate sector or you are working at a start-up the main motto will be improving one’s quality and having job satisfaction. People don’t have the energy to ask for a higher compensation or more get-away days but they want job satisfaction. People with unique ideas are desperate to make their mark and be successful paving a new way of being successful.

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What is Start-up Culture?

Many startup founders spend most of their time to characterize their way of lifestyle. Practicing the work culture is easy when the numbers of people in the team are less rather than managing a couple of thousands. One can work in their own company making the rules by himself or work as an employee in a corporate culture bounded by one’s rules and regulations. Though each one of the two the Start-up culture and the corporate culture has its own issues with more numbers of positive aspects, the startup culture is ahead in the game.

Some of the major differences:

Be it the ideology, risk management or the lifestyle-there are so many differences between the corporate and start-up cultures that both can’t be on the same page.

Employees or works are given more priority and value in Start-ups than corporate traditional companies.

Your voice can’t reach up to the higher management in corporates so things stay problematic at times.

Professionals who work in a startup are better out of the box thinkers and liberal in their work fields.

In Corporates, you must abide by the rules from maintaining a proper dress code whereas in Start-up Culture people don’t care about the length and design of your clothing instead of your productivity matters more for the company.

In Start-up, you aren’t hired only due to your educational qualifications like the corporate culture here your future potential and vision are given importance.

In one sector, you can sit and discuss with the CEO of the company over a cup of coffee and in another, you won’t even meet the CEOs once in a year.

Many start-ups allow people to work from home but in the case of corporate culture, you must strictly follow the 9-5 working hours.

Things you can expect at a Startup

The risk is more thus the potential for growth is also higher. Though things can be volatile at times still you need to trust the possibility and if things click then you don’t have to look back. One can get the chance to explore beyond his/her limitations in a start-up. Like corporate MNC’s culture, you won’t get to work on the limited portions of the projects, in startups, you can get to work in multiple development phases which will eventually make you a specialist in your genre.

But at the end of the day, it’s up to you what you want and how big is your dream and idea. Some dreams big and some want a secure life with no major ups and downs, so choose wisely and take your time instead of hurrying into a decision.


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