Rivigo : A new ray of hope for Indian Truck Drivers

Startup Funding for Small Business (Rivigo)

Recently, I came across an article in Times of India about a new start-up. This failed to catch my attention, to be honest, as everyone in India has his start-up or is an “Entrepreneur” according to his social media profiles. What caught my attention was that Rivigo had something to do with truck drivers. That has to be a first, right?

Excuse me for my limited knowledge if I am wrong, but that has to be one of the most unexplored niches for a start-up! So I went on to read the article and was very impressed. Rivigo is a very, unique start-up and kudos to the founders for taking the first step to improve the situation of truck drivers in our country.


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They want to revolutionize trucking and logistics in India. Logistics have become a paramount part of supply chain management with the rise of eCommerce and other industries. The common problem is that everyone wants faster delivery of goods. Rivigo is trying to solve this problem by their unique solution.

Mostly delivery of cargo in any industry across the country is done through trucking. And trucking in India is in tumultuous shape, they face acute shortage of drivers and there are many other problems, Truck drivers face very harsh lifestyles as they have to drive through all over India.

Many long-distance trucks have two drivers, taking turns to sleep. Other vehicles have only one driver, fighting sleep (often with drugs). Rivigo has replaced this with a relay system.

Each driver drives 4.5 hours to a company pit stop and hands over to another driver who again drives 4.5 hours to the next pit stop.

The relay continues till destination. This cuts delivery time for Delhi-Chennai from 96 hours to 48, and for Bengaluru-Kolkata from 110 hours to 44. This is twice the speed of some courier companies and maximizes truck utilization.

From a pit stop, each driver catches a truck in the return direction to get home by night. The driver suddenly becomes an average worker with a full family and community life. He gets a cell phone and good wages by village standards. His truck is air-conditioned, improving comfort and social status.

One of their product is “Full truckload” as mentioned on their website, which promises delivery Anywhere to anywhere in India in just three days, against the industry average of 7-8 day.

This looks like future of trucking/logistics; this can replace today’s unorganized, inefficient trucking and logistics sector in India, Which can deliver goods on time to warehouses reducing costs. Maybe in future, this company can become Maersk of India.

An excerpt from their interview with one of their drivers who they fondly call as their “Pilots.”

“Earlier my daughters, Sapna and Chanchal, used to say “Papa gaadi chalaane gaye hain” but now they say “Papa duty pe gaye hain.” Rivigo has uplifted my and my family’s social status in the community. Even Rivigo staff is very caring and treats us with immense respect.”

I visited their website too, and in the “About Us” section, instead of putting up photos of the founders, they have given their drivers a special mention! This was a nice touch for me, and it shows that they empathize with the situation and are willing to take steps to improve it!

Let us hope; this business turns out to be a very, very successful business!

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