SalemMango Startup Story

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Tell me Something about yourself: I am Sathish, CEO of SalemMango born in a remote village named Mottandipalayam in Salem district which has no newspaper or Cable facility till date, in an Agricultural family.

Tell me Something about your Education Background: I started my schooling in Sri Amman Matriculation school, the only school in our village and finally graduated in Adhiyaman College. As you all expected, I completed the same B.E and was a VIP(Velai Illa Pattadari)

How did you strike this idea for your startup: After completed B.E, I was selected in an IT company and was thrown out in Six months due to the recession. Then after frustrated with trying Bank exams and Govt. jobs, I planned to take care of our family business (Agriculture). While explaining my decision to my school friend (Dinesh Kumar), he encouraged and supported me. He was a Software Engineer and specialist in IT domain. One fine evening in a random talk, I asked him why can’t we send our farm mangoes online to city people where there is a lot of adulterants and carbide mangoes. He said Yes. That’s it 🙂

When did you finally managed to start your startup: The idea was discussed on May 2016. And after studying the feasibility, we started developing our website and managed to complete on October 2016. We officially launched the website on Nov 2016 mango season.

Who are your Co-Founders: SalemMango was started along with two of my old school friends Dinesh Kumar & Sangeeth. They both are from the Agricultural background, mango farm owners and worked in IT companies.

How Many members are there in your team: I can say we three along with every farmer in our village is a part of our team. Producing the fruits, food items to packing and shipping is done by every one of us and the profit is shared amongst us.

What is the Turn-Over of your Company: Initially it was started with only mangoes and due to demand from our customers who want every agricultural produce to be shipped to their place, we expanded to other food items like Ghee, Country sugar, Jaggery, Honey etc.

What are the Future Plans: Our plan is to connect the people in the city who longs for natural and quality food, to farmers who produce quality foods in the traditional way with a better price. We are happy to serve you traditional foods to everyone. But unfortunately, people in City won’t have time to think about villages like us. So we are sending you the healthy and organic ingredients to cook healthy food which everyone deserves.

What are the challenges that you have faced so far: Despite having quality foods in our hands, initially we faced a lot of problems technical-wise, transportation, marketing. Believe it or not, I just started using smartphone 8 months before. High-speed 3G internet connection is still a daydream for me in my village.

Who are your Mentors: My school friends and college friends are a great support for me till date and managed to get a lot of ideas from them.

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