Optinchat Review – Fastest way to get the Genuine Subscriber with Ease

A computer would deserve to be called intelligent if it could deceive a human into believing that it was a human –   Alan Turing

That’s what OptinChat indeed does for you.

Optinchat is a free tool co-founded by Deepak Kanakaraju which helps us to build email list via AI chat.

Who doesn’t want millions of subscribers for their website? And how simple can it be done? This little plugin is the ultimate answer. OptinChat is an AI chat box plugin that enhances your subscriber conversions. Though it’s not the only one in the race, OptinChat fairly stands out when it comes to interactive user engagement and easy customization.

Being in the blogging industry for quite a while now and having hands on experience with some of these, I pretty much know about the whole jazz of chat boxes and their limitations. And like a traveler who resorts to his home after a sunny day, I must admit that OptinChat is the best among all.

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Of course, I have reasons…

  1. Conversion Rates-

OptinChat does not talk to your visitors like a robot, It replicates human conversation skills to make them believe that they are interacting with a human. It has yielded conversions at a rate of 12-15% in most cases.


  1. Reporting Mechanism

As much as its effectiveness in getting you subscribers, It is no less when it comes to bragging about the work. It has a high-quality reporting mechanism with funnel charts that notify you about every new subscriber on daily as well as a weekly basis which can be downloaded as CSV file to your system.


  1. Optimized and Versatile performance

It is not only optimized for speed by using CDN for maximum load speed compared to a static server but also is augmented in its versatility across platforms such as PC, mobile, tablets, unlike competitors.


  1. Too good for the price

The premium version of OptinChat carries a pocket-friendly tag of $9/month which lets you integrate with major email services providers and the freedom of removing branding and so on.

Not only this, OptinChat will be rolling out new and fresh features like conducting polls and surveys and feedback reporting with phone numbers etc.





Give it a shot and get ready to host an “intelligent” website!



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