Hidden Truth about PharmEasy (Homeopathic & Allopathic Medicines)


The concept of buying online medicines


Nowadays everything from a pin sword can be purchased online. The business of online drugs also started around 4 to 5 years ago. The company began with a thought where the users can show the prescription given by the doctor and then all the medicines mentioned, will be delivered to the user’s home.

However, the prescription is correctly checked by the pharmacists working with those businesses and then after the approval; the medicines are delivered.

From then, the concept has grown like wildfire, and now it has gained the pace in India also. The government has made the licensing process simple and because of that many companies have started growing in this sector.

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One of such company is PharmEasy, which is quite famous for delivering medicines at your doorsteps.


About PharmEasy


Out of all the leading healthcare companies in India, PharmEasy is one of them. The company successfully makes contact between health centers and pharmacy stores to get proper medicines, which are supposed to be delivered to the customers.


The company provides free home delivery to all the customers, irrespective of the price of the medication. No matter how much is the cost of the medicines, the company provides discounts to every customer. But there is always another side of the story, which we will discuss in this article as their customer service is quite poor and they do not believe in providing customer satisfaction because of the bad management.

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The co-founder of PharmEasy, Dharmil Sheth talks about the primary objective of the company and the new funding approach used by them. He shares that the company will be focusing on improving supply chain, technology, and customer outreach. Right now the company is operating in 710+ cities including Mumbai, Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Bengaluru, Jaipur, Thane, and Ahmedabad. Diagnostic tests are available in Mumbai (including Thane and Navi Mumbai), Delhi, Kolkata, Pune, Bangalore, and Ahmedabad.


He adds that the company focuses on the technology news and they are also looking for people who are well versed with the technology, which will help them in shipping the future of the pharmaceutical industry in India with the help of latest technologies.

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The company began in 2015 with the vision of delivering completely genuine medicines at reasonable prices and also providing discounts. Approximately 1 lakh customers are associated with PharmEasy for their medicine requirements.


Dharmil believes in breaking the traditional manner of buying and selling medicines with the modern approach, which does not primarily require physically walking to the vendors to purchase daily drugs which can be a little hard for those who are sick and live all alone.

However, the company provide the extremely poor customer services and do not respond to their problems.


It is easy to place an order on PharmEasy as you can place your order in just three clicks and can also reorder if you wish, by just a single click.  The company claims that it has grown by 200% from the last few years and have a consistent run rate of 15% growth per month.

The managing partner, Rehan Yar Khan, also mentioned few challenges related to the healthcare space and several gaps, which the company is facing and continuously working on them for a better condition.

The company is always trying to build some personalized interactive features, which will help in getting direct feedback from the patients regarding the improvement detected by them through the medicine and giving it to the doctors.

The input also includes the problems, which the patients are facing because of those medicines and this will help a lot in dealing the issues which are faced by many patients for which they have to visit the doctor again and again.


The company is also aiming to add features which will help in checking the body vitals of the patient for detecting the improvement or further problems.


It also aims to make decisions, which are focused towards the data-driven approach which will further help in fighting various diseases with the help of medicines.


PharmEasy makes it easy or difficult?


PharmEasy motive is to make pharmacy easy within the boundaries of India. The company has shown a high rate of growth for the past few years and has almost grown up by 200%, indicating a consistent increase of 15% per month.


However, the other side of the story is quite disturbing and shocking for a company like PharmEasy. It has a darker side and has situations like internal conflicts within the company. The employees of the company are not happy with its working, and there is incredibly a lousy management system.


Moreover, the company has also witnessed some bad politics between the employees of the company. Other than this, there are also some other reasons which bring the company in the wrong light:


  • Working of Management: Most of the employees who are at a higher level in the company is Gujarati and are the relatives of Dharmil Sheth, the co-founder of the company. The hiring standards of the company are inferior and are in adverse conditions.
  • The attrition level of the company is very high, and they have a terrible relationship with the employees as they do not involve them in any decision-making process at all.
  • Long working hours are a common thing at the company, and they do not provide any flexibility when an employee is in need.    Also, because of the shortage of human resources, the company also forces its existing employees to work overtime without any extra payment.
  • The hiring process also operates according to the referral process only as they hire their friends and relatives for the particular posts who have shared the same institutes with the founder and co-founder. The company has made a joke of its employees.




  • Working in the Operations department: The operations department is already in such a terrible situation that there are no deadlines for work and also there is no planning structure in any of their projects.
  • The delivery of orders is mostly late, and you can confirm it by checking all the customer reviews from their website. As this is a start-up company, the delivery time should be a maximum 24 hours for proper customer satisfaction, but it never happens here.
  • Online medicines vendors should always be as fast as possible in their delivery because medicines are the basic need of an ill person. They need to be delivered as soon as possible, otherwise, the person may reach in a worse situation, but this company never think about the pain of the customers and always deliver medicines according to their convenience.
  • They sometimes provide wrong medication which may be a big issue because it is a matter of someone’s life, which should not be taken lightly in any situation. The condition of the company can be much better if the owners could personally look upon to the status of the employees of the company.


  • Customer department: The customer department is the only department in the company who is dealing and facing most of the problem because other departments are entirely irresponsible. As a result, the customer department takes all the pain as they have to deal with all the complaints, which the customers have regarding their orders.
  • It is shocking to know what kind of problems customers face when they avail services from this medical start-up. The problem sometimes reaches the extreme conditions such as delivering of wrong medicines, delivery of expired drugs, etc.



Customer Reviews


Now, the hardest part of the company is to deal with the customer reviews. No matter whether you check their reviews on the Google Play Store or some other social media website, such as Twitter, Facebook, etc., you will find tons of negative reviews about the company and the problems which are faced by the customers.


This company has forgotten that the main reason for the success of a company is only the customer. The customer is a king in this scenario of the market, and there are several other options available to which they can switch directly without even thinking.

The company has seen such bad reviews, which are terrible to listen such as very late delivery of medicine, rejection of prescription for no reason, distribution of expired medicines, wrong medicines delivered, bug in the app, customers facing too much problem in dealing with these issues and many more such problems to which the company needs to look into and clear such issues.


Most importantly the company should know the value of customers in the growth of their business and should also maintain a healthy relationship with their employees because only then, the customers will give their full contribution to the company.
Below are some of the screenshots of the customer reviews.

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The customer department faces all the pain created by other departments as this is the only department which is answerable to the customers. Apart from the customer department, no other department cares about other serious changes required by the company.



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