Leadership one can learn from MS Dhoni & Other Famous Personalities on an Entrepreneur Journey

“The purpose of leadership is not to get followers but create more leaders.”

There are many people in this world, who have inspired us in many ways. If you wish to be an entrepreneur, you need to have leadership skills. We see entrepreneurs as leaders. If they cannot inspire their team, they cannot run a business successfully. There are some leadership stories which can inspire you and help you to achieve your dreams. Getting inspiration is a powerful tool. You can use it effectively. The first name that comes to our mind is of MS Dhoni. Mahendra Singh Dhoni has inspired many youngsters, to chase their dreams and fulfill it. He came from a humble background and made it big in the sports industry. From a ticket collector to a successful cricketer, he has come a long way. The ‘entrepreneurs are born not made myth’, needs to be thrown out of the window because it is not true. There are many successful people, who did not come from well-off families but they worked their way up and achieved the unimaginable. Entrepreneurs Mumbai must read this article to get a boost! This shall change your life.

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The objective of leadership is not to create followers. A good leader inspires a group of people, to improve and be a go-getter instead of sitting and waiting for our dreams to come true. PC Mustafa is another inspiration. He was a coolie’s son, who built a 100 crore company by selling dosa batter. He failed in Class 6th but today, he has a company, which has a turnover of 100 crores. With limited resources, he started his company. He started with a mixer grinder and now, his factory units are set up in different parts of the country.

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Similarly, Mahendra Singh Dhoni put his heart and soul in the game. His story has been inspiring. He taught us a big lesson of life that you must focus on your craft and not on the prestige. Sometimes you have to take risks and do what you love. It is better than doing what you do not like! What lessons do we learn from MS Dhoni? Let us find out.

– When he became the captain of the Indian cricket team, he worked on building his credibility. He managed the egos of the members of the team. In an interview, he mentioned that he learned a lot from his seniors.
– He has always been confident and never let failures get him down. Whenever he erred, he promised to improve his skills and not give up.
– Handling success is a difficult task. Dhoni achieved success at an early stage but he stayed humble and did not lose balance.
– He teaches us that you should stay calm while you are under pressure. You should never let anything pressure you.
– Dhoni has always been calm and he never disrespected his competitors. He believes in the team playing and not going solo.
Virat Kohli is another inspiration from the Indian Cricket Team. He has done his job as a successful test skipper and wowed the nation. What do we learn from him? He has never taken any comments or critiques with a pinch of salt. The media writes a lot about him and he laughs it off and concentrates on his game. He has always backed his colleagues and been a responsible team member.

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Our dear prime minister of India is a classic example of a good leader. When he speaks, the whole world listens. If you are a good speaker, the world will listen to you. His speeches are effective and make sense. He manages his time and is superb at public speaking. Also, humble and dedicated to improving his nation. His vision is clear of what he wants and goes after it. From a chai store to Prime Minister of India, he has come a long way.A good leader has the following qualities –
– They are passionate.
– They are patient.
– A leader instills the feeling of confidence as they have a clear vision about what they believe in.
– Leaders are focused.
– They inspire.
If you are interested in entrepreneurship, you should have certain qualities to lead your team. You should set realistic goals and effectively communicate with your employees. Are entrepreneurs born or made? They are made because you do not enter the world with an idea or a game plan. You have to work on your goal and go after it. Having an entrepreneurship idea will be a good starter. It starts with an idea and you develop it further.

You should always take out time for your employees and recognize achievements. If you aspire to be an entrepreneur, you should learn to be patient and work on your dreams. If you are a good leader, you will inspire. Many entrepreneurs start with a goal but they lose patience and give up on their dreams. An entrepreneur’s business ideas must evolve and they should come up with new and effective ways to improve their business. You have to be persistent and ready for the challenges. We are sure that the above mentioned inspiring personalities will inspire you to chase your dreams and never give up.

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