8 Quick Questions Before Welcoming Any Job Offer: Ask Yourself

I seriously sometimes feel like asking myself questions before welcoming any job offer. Do you feel so? When you find any job which matches to your portfolio you start sending them resumes. Right? But have you ever thought tons of resumes are sent out and interviewed almost as often, so why you?
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It’s the happiest moment when you receive a confirmation mail or call from the respective company. I agree, beyond the shadow of doubt acquiring a job offer feels like an eventual accolade.

But just because someone offers you a job, doesn’t mean that you endure it. An extreme number of thoughts keeps on rolling into your mind before and after the interview. If I am not wrong!

As I said above, end numbers of thoughts and questions are on your mind. Recall to that interview and ponder it over a slight before you welcome the right path. So beneath are some quick questions which you need to ask yourself.

  1. What is expected of me beforehand? Almost in some cases what happens is, people are so thrilled about the professional chance that they go blank while asking the basics, as in, what to ask? They just nod their head which goes in favor of YES! (not in all cases).Ask them, “What will your first week look like, considering daily task?” Ask every minute detail which you feel like asking. Don’t feel hesitate about nailing this kind of questions. Make sure that your expectations of the task assemble with the actuality.
  2. Am I happy with my salary package? Nowadays, people are in the myth that they get a high salary in the initial stage. Sometimes what happens if your interviewer takes it in later meeting too, in such case you may need to blunt what the salary is! Even interrogate if there’s any source of negotiation. Once you have been answered these question you can make a determination if you feel content satisfaction. If not, let it hold with the hiring manager prior you nod positively or negatively.
  3. Am I cozy with anticipated company culture? People dream about favorable company culture but it is not always you end up your desire to be true. Agree, you can’t step into office and promptly know either the employee are pleased as punch or entirely drained but you can at least get an idea. You can even figure out if you get a chance to pass out through main entrance of the office. It will be easy for you to know better.You might think why should I poke my nose? It is because to know whether you are drudge kind or a charismatic, you should be able to know where your fellow worker falls on the spectrum.
  4. How do I feel about the company as a whole? It’s a terrific news that you land up to your desired job, but you won’t last for a longer time period if your company is timid. You need to do brief research about the company. How other people perceive, nowadays what company do they allow their current employees to rate them which shows how they treat with employees and social platform is another good option for you.Along with that, what you can do is ask your friends if they had worked before there, it will give you an idea what and how you can use them as a resource too. At last public opinion matters! It will be easy for you to grab right path.
  5. Is there any red flag with my seniors?  You are well versed in the types of interviews taken if its group interview you get to know more. Ultimately, the interviews are one-to-one with your boss who is unknown to you. So its impossible to assess someone’s personality in a minute or hours. But if you pay attention, you can know how does he talk with other employees or interviewer, phone calls etc. If you access this minute thing it gets easy for you to decide if your own personality would clash or mesh with your senior leadership style.
  6. Will it bring me closer to my career goals? Is there any professional enhancement for me? Indeed, crucial to know! which people ignore considering a tag of professionalism. It’s terrific that you earn good package income but remember its just building block for your career. You need to know what you are doing is taking you towards your goals or not, if not, makes no sense doing it.As I said before, the tag of professionalism, yes the tag of professionalism can be grabbed! How can it be done? Simply ask your interviewers. See what kind of jobs are available considering your job positions and turnovers too. This, not only gives you better understanding but you get to know about the employees too. And simultaneously if in case you joint there, you can plan out further for enhancing yourself.
  7. Are the pace and workload favorable to my personality? Nowadays, people are more in stress and depressed because of their workload. So if you thrive under an extreme amount of stress and wee hours of the morning. Its indeed to know the weekly hours and workload because you know yourself better, what matches to your personality. Whereas some people are committed to their task even if they want beauty sleep. Ask accordingly what fits you better.
  8. Have I thoroughly read my contract? Let suppose, you cracked your interview and lastly after that that you sign a contract. But before signing u need to read every minute detail written on the piece of paper. Lots of people think its formal offer letter but it actually proves them as an employee-at-will. Don’t feel shy to ask, if you are unclear with any of the terms in it.

Bottom words:

Ask yourself this questions before welcoming any job and I am sure you will get a terrific response from you and a company you desire for.  Be confident, don’t be nervous.

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