How To Attract New Customers & Retain Existing Customers

Welcome to a competitive world! People keep on questioning and examining how to attract new customers & retain existing customer, just like you!

My interrogation to you is, Are your customers happy?

Here, I mean, the people who love coming back to your business when they want to fulfill their specific need.

If you are among the one who always converges to gain a new customer, then your company might lead back.


It’s good to acquire new customers but neglecting existing customers drives the business back.

Always spot, when your existing customers are bright, new customers will automatically. Even if you give first

preference to new customers in your terms, then you are spending five times more by neglecting the existing one.

And I don’t need to mention the penny that advertising cost today! So, let’s not waste time and jump to how to

attract new customers and retain existing customers?

1. Heard about birthday calls & emails?

That moment, when someone remembers your birthday especially when they are not close to you.

I know calling a customer and wishing them sounds weird but what if you call to wish and inform that you will home deliver half or 1kg cake for him/her.

You might think, why to take such trouble. Just wishing via SMS or email is enough!

No that’s not sufficient, even if you thought to shoot them a mail or SMS, offer an incentive (like 20% off) or something FREE!!!

Be it any industry; if you provide a personalized experience to your customers, they are likely to convert into a permanent customer.

It’s okay to spend some money on the customers to gain a fresh response from the buyer.

2. Start Customer Loyalty:

I don’t understand, why do people find influencers and promoters for their business, when they already have in their bucket list.

How can promoters be on the bucket list?

Simple, your existing customers are your promoters, and with the help of new customers it will keep on enhancing the list.

Who doesn’t loves to receive a reward? Offering rewards lead to word of mouth not only for the offers you provide but quality as well. Start giving rewards like referrals or points system. Here, you can gain new customers!

Check out, how Klova attracted new customers towards them! Remember, 76% of customers are likely to buy your product or services and ready to convert into a permanent customer.

Run customer loyalty programmes like Refer a friend for a coffee and get meal free!!!

3. Meetups and offline events:

Have you ever met your customers in-person? Host meetups & invite them to offline activities.

Meeting customers in-person is not a waste of time, you know why?

It’s for sure person coming to an event won’t come alone. They will at least bring some of the colleagues or friends or family!

Here you can double your customers, How?

You are smart enough to take this ahead I don’t need to!

But remember no one has time to come to your event or meetups unless and until it’s not giving them in return. Yeah, that’s a different thing, if, you and customer hold a good relationship.

How can you attract them towards your event?

You can charge a small amount as an entry fee. Along with that giveaway, any recipe booklet (depends on the product or services)& create any attractive dummy scenario to attract them toward your place or stall. (depends on the product or services)

If you have no ideas on how to draw them, merely create a selfie zone.

If you are willing to create a more profound relationship with your customers, the meetup is the best option.

Such as SEMrush uses to conduct meetup across the world.

4. Send handwritten notes:

In this internet world, who sends handwritten notes? Insane people do this!

No, the clothing, imitation jewelry brands are not insane to send notes to customers.

Send your customers a “Thanks Giving” note on the first purchase. It’s not mandatory to give only on first purchase create your day and send it.

When you thank customers, it creates an immense effect because people prefer a personalized customer experience.

5. Opt for Omni-Channel

Today you need to be everywhere because your customer is everywhere!

Be it any person experienced or a newbie to business every single person is bewildered with “How to attract new customers and retain existing customers.”

To gain the perfect results you need to be every moment with your buyers or customers. For that, you need to opt for Omnichannel.

Omi-channel is an approach of multi-channel of assisting customers, marketing, and business which creates an integrated and unite customer experience.

It doesn’t matter where or how the customer strikes out. Here, what matters is the use of digital channels and all devices to engage with customers.

On every website, we find an option to signup for the newsletter. Right?

It’s tough to say people signup for the newsletter or not, similar is our situation. If, yes then how it’s profitable to them and seller?

Once, I experimented as a buyer. I concluded with, any buyer first checks the email newsletter, if he or she likes it they visit the social media page and then hit to the website, then contact number and back to an email newsletter.

Do you know, 92% of people keep on surfing for purchasing any service or product.

Even your newsletter can excel your business. Remarkably for this start collecting the email ids of your customers, if you haven’t yet!

Bottom words:

I hope after discussing on “How to attract new customers and retain existing customers” you have generated more ideas and strategy while reading this article.

Remember: Thou can’t say NO to be where your customer or buyers are!

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