What Organizations Need Now From Human Resources

Today, the job of Human Resource is to make the organization, and it’s people grow, since its inception around the nineteenth century it has it has slightly Changed. Beginning as an employee who was there to protect girls and women in the work environment, slowly and gradually it completely transformed into a role which included the hiring of employees, firing of employees, keeping the check on employees attendance and looking after their Compensation. Organisational behavior, selection assessment and motivation was added to an HR’s role in 1960’s and 1970’s.

New Agenda Of H.R.’s.

H.R. needs to focus on the following five areas carefully to have an Impact on business in today’s economy to build a sustainable organization.

Human Resources

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1) Align and Define The Purpose Of The Organisation

Between the year 1996 to 2011, the purpose driven companies provided returns of 1,646% according to the reports published in Raj Sisodia’s book ‘Firms Of Endearment.’ But, this growth was found to be staggering when it was compared with S&P 500 which had 157 % of growth while other firms which featured in the book Good To Great had 178% growth. Even though there are end number of evidence that shows the importance of purpose a huge number of organizations and employees still struggle with purpose. Many companies can’t define why they exist; same is with the employees they are not clear why are they working in a particular the organization, many employees, only see their salary as the main reason for their existence is in the organization. This situation depicts what purpose having a particular position in the organization can do. For employee engagement, there is nothing more effective than ensuring that your people wake up every day and go to their work because they feel they are essential to the company and are also helping the company achieve it’s
Purpose. Aligning the company’s goal with the employees reduces turnover and increases profits and productivity.

2) Recruiting Right Talent

Every organization must hire employees passionate about their cause and purpose. Every organization needs first to create the market and later sell an Employee Value Proposition that portrays the authentic culture of the organization along with the reason for its existence. If the existing employees of the organization are not abiding by the EVP, then it is not the right EVP for the business, and hence the company should not hire any more candidates as it would be misleading the fresh candidates.

3) Considering Employees Core Strengths

An employer should understand adequately what the prospective candidate is good at and then place them in roles where they can show their strengths as much as possible. Being honest and open about what the employer is expecting from the employee is the best way to connect with each other this also helps to focus on development and strengths of employees strengths and weaknesses.

4) Creating Organisational Alignment

While the business as a whole fails, there are H.R. and other departments in organizations that celebrate hitting objectives. A unified team effort is required to build a successful and sustainable organization. If everyone around the organization fails and only a particular department succeeds then there is definitely something wrong. This is not because a department alone cannot stand out of the crowd in fact now these high performing departments should help the other departments to achieve great things too as this will merge the organization ensuring everyone has the same agenda that is to make the goals of the company.

5) Measuring the right things accurately

For an organization to be successful right constant monitoring is a must. If the organization’s achievements can’t be measured then will the anyone understand how is the company performing, whether it will be successful in achieving the ultimate goal of the company or not? 

To monitor the ROI of the company each department needs to evaluate the following questions quarterly at least

Is it right what we are doing for our business, customers, and people? Are we contributing to the bottom and top line management? Do we measure the effectiveness of our organization’s impact in the right way?

By just measuring the speed at which the open positions are filling in an organization has no value if the candidate’s quality is low, but the turnover is high. By aligning everything the organization and its employee do to achieve the goals of the organization side by side measuring and tracking how employees are performing the position where the organization lies can be determined. 

To better serve the successful organizations of the future, now it is time for H.R. to take a giant leap forward in its evolution. Now those organizations will prosper which is adopts this new agenda. Those who soon do not embrace new culture will put their entire organization in danger.

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