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4 Secrets to Success in Business – StartupAgni

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Business Startups Tips Guides.

Advertising Your Speed Dating Service, you want to promote your company in pockets where the maximum amount of singles is expected. If your company is not yet leveraging the online market, then you’re losing out big. Rather than using your first profits to purchase what you want, reinvest it back into your new company.

In case the business can’t generate a professional video, there are plenty of professionals out there to create excellent content for a minimal fee. Make a list of questions which you want to ask different folks to get to understand them and their businesses. Starting a new business isn’t simple.

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You ought to be in business! If you’re constructing a company, having your website is a must. So, here is a distinctive roundup of helpful gadgets you might consider while kick-starting your organization. Apparently, when deciding on a name for a tutorial center, it should ring with the sort of business you are constructing.

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It’s uniquely accessible to start up and small businesses. The absolute most important thing necessary to initiate a new small business is the business license, which you may readily get from your regional county office. Ata Rehman compiles the report.


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The New Fuss About Business Startups.

Don’t be worried if you’re still stuck for ideas. Among the more popular approaches to creating money is by running a concession stand. Finding a company registered appears to be a complicated procedure, but with seasoned agents who’ve been in company formation for years, it is relatively straightforward.

You may spend less and live within your means, and nobody ever has to know about doing it. Listing you makes them money, so be quite careful in selecting your Broker and be sure you own a list of questions they can answer to assist you to decide.

fuss business startup imageBy switching your commercial electricity supplier, you may not only help save money but could also boost the net profitability of your company. If you don’t have as much money, you don’t understand what things to do with it (if that’s the case, please write me a check).

The Pain of Business Startups.

There are lots of ways of forming a business least expensively. With the help of the software, it can be started without any paperwork, efficiently and speedily. It should also be capable of providing any training necessary to operate each machine safely. Not all businesses make goal posts employing the specific approaches.

A superior automotive shop equipment business will make sure you have all owners and parts manuals together with service directives for all of the heavy equipment you purchase or lease.

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You don’t need to do everything in your company. Go Viral If you would like your business to be successful, you’ve got to go viral. An increasing number of companies are becoming rid of rigid mindsets and embracing an entirely new scenario where the real and digital workforce are seamlessly integrated into their organization.

At this point, you own your own company, and your success is entirely in your own hands. Perhaps you understand that you need your organization, but you’re low on funds and ideas.Once you choose to go into business, it’s necessary for you to set your own goals to reach.

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If you’re looking for a way to begin a company, you probably are seeking a minimal cost one-man startup. If a company can attain the exact quality of work at a more affordable cost, then employing a freelancer from overseas is in the best interests of the organization.

Having a thriving business isn’t something you merely stumble into, and the same is right with being a fantastic Real Estate Agent. If you prove to be an excellent and respectable organization, you should have the ability to make your invested money back right away.

All About Business Startups.

Affordable flyer printing services make it possible to woo your customers by its design, bold and appealing fonts together with rich content. As you observe their clients, also note whether the vendor is selling only a few varieties of products or a large number of items.

Thus, whether you’re choosing flyers printing services either by browsing the net or from the shops, be mindful not to be cheated by them. You can also state a client you want to work with later on. Handling several clients means feeling various schedules.If you provide a pickup and delivery support, then you’ll pull in more clients.

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If you would like to generate income running an ironing service, then the very first thing you will need to do is to learn what an ironing service is and evaluate if you find it possible to supply the service reliably. Pet pooper scooper solutions, pet sitting, and pet daycare won’t have a lot of startup cost because of minimal equipment needed.

5 Key Points That Every Organization Expect From Human Resource Department


What Organizations Need Now From Human Resources

Today, the job of Human Resource is to make the organization, and it’s people grow, since its inception around the nineteenth century it has it has slightly Changed. Beginning as an employee who was there to protect girls and women in the work environment, slowly and gradually it completely transformed into a role which included the hiring of employees, firing of employees, keeping the check on employees attendance and looking after their Compensation. Organisational behavior, selection assessment and motivation was added to an HR’s role in 1960’s and 1970’s.

New Agenda Of H.R.’s.

H.R. needs to focus on the following five areas carefully to have an Impact on business in today’s economy to build a sustainable organization.

Human Resources
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1) Align and Define The Purpose Of The Organisation

Between the year 1996 to 2011, the purpose driven companies provided returns of 1,646% according to the reports published in Raj Sisodia’s book ‘Firms Of Endearment.’ But, this growth was found to be staggering when it was compared with S&P 500 which had 157 % of growth while other firms which featured in the book Good To Great had 178% growth. Even though there are end number of evidence that shows the importance of purpose a huge number of organizations and employees still struggle with purpose. Many companies can’t define why they exist; same is with the employees they are not clear why are they working in a particular the organization, many employees, only see their salary as the main reason for their existence is in the organization. This situation depicts what purpose having a particular position in the organization can do. For employee engagement, there is nothing more effective than ensuring that your people wake up every day and go to their work because they feel they are essential to the company and are also helping the company achieve it’s
Purpose. Aligning the company’s goal with the employees reduces turnover and increases profits and productivity.

2) Recruiting Right Talent

Every organization must hire employees passionate about their cause and purpose. Every organization needs first to create the market and later sell an Employee Value Proposition that portrays the authentic culture of the organization along with the reason for its existence. If the existing employees of the organization are not abiding by the EVP, then it is not the right EVP for the business, and hence the company should not hire any more candidates as it would be misleading the fresh candidates.

3) Considering Employees Core Strengths

An employer should understand adequately what the prospective candidate is good at and then place them in roles where they can show their strengths as much as possible. Being honest and open about what the employer is expecting from the employee is the best way to connect with each other this also helps to focus on development and strengths of employees strengths and weaknesses.

4) Creating Organisational Alignment

While the business as a whole fails, there are H.R. and other departments in organizations that celebrate hitting objectives. A unified team effort is required to build a successful and sustainable organization. If everyone around the organization fails and only a particular department succeeds then there is definitely something wrong. This is not because a department alone cannot stand out of the crowd in fact now these high performing departments should help the other departments to achieve great things too as this will merge the organization ensuring everyone has the same agenda that is to make the goals of the company.

5) Measuring the right things accurately

For an organization to be successful right constant monitoring is a must. If the organization’s achievements can’t be measured then will the anyone understand how is the company performing, whether it will be successful in achieving the ultimate goal of the company or not? 

To monitor the ROI of the company each department needs to evaluate the following questions quarterly at least

Is it right what we are doing for our business, customers, and people? Are we contributing to the bottom and top line management? Do we measure the effectiveness of our organization’s impact in the right way?

By just measuring the speed at which the open positions are filling in an organization has no value if the candidate’s quality is low, but the turnover is high. By aligning everything the organization and its employee do to achieve the goals of the organization side by side measuring and tracking how employees are performing the position where the organization lies can be determined. 

To better serve the successful organizations of the future, now it is time for H.R. to take a giant leap forward in its evolution. Now those organizations will prosper which is adopts this new agenda. Those who soon do not embrace new culture will put their entire organization in danger.

Kidney Education Foundation: Success story of Kidney Education website

Kidney Education Website Image

People around the world are suffering from disease, where the disease of kidney, Chronic Kidney Disease (CKD) is a universal common health problem with unfavorable consequences of kidney failure and premature death. To overcome Kidney diseases, Rajkot based Senior Nephrologist started a mission to educate people in their native language through the free educational website. Dr. Sanjay Pandya – The Founder of Kidney Education Foundation.

Kidney Education Foundation is basically a health awareness organization devoted to educating the people about the growing danger and families affected by the kidney diseases.

It provides free and easily accessible information about prevention and care of kidney diseases through books and websites translated into 35 world languages.

Kidney education started in 2005 with the preparation of kidney book in the Gujarati language by DR Sanjay Pandya which was launched in 2006. After the burgeoning success of Gujarati book, the book was transcribed into Hindi in 2008 and other languages frequently.

In 2010, KidneyEducation website was originated with free entree to Hindi and Gujarati book. The integrity, usefulness, and success of these early books and websites inspired several nephrologists all over the world to join the mission. In a compass of 8 years, a dedicated team of more than 100 nephrologists at the Kidney Education Foundation has developed books and websites in 35 languages.
Our Chief Mentor
[PHOTO] (Dr. Sanjay Pandya, MD, DNB – Nephrologist)

Languages offered
The website renders the facility to read and download 200 paged kidney guides in 23 International (English, Chinese, Spanish, Arabic, Hindi, Bengali, Portuguese, Russian, French, Japanese, Turkish, German, Italian, Persian, Serbian, Urdu, Vietnamese, Thai, Filipino, Swahili, Lao, Sinhala and Nepali) and 12 Indian (Marathi, Gujarati, Kannada, Malayalam, Punjabi, Sindhi, Tamil, Telugu, Assamese, Manipuri, Oriya and Kutchi) languages completely free.

International Support
Prof. Giuseppe Remuzzi, President of International Federation of Kidney Foundation Society of Nephrology prepared Italian kidney book and website.

Prof. Guillermo García-García, President of International Society of Nephrology prepared Spanish kidney book and website. Joining of International titans in this mission as language leaders indicate importance and utility of this mission to serve kidney patients.

Dr. Tushar Vacchrajani – the USA is offering his services as an international liaison officer.

The Theme of World Kidney Day 2018: Women and CKD
[PHOTO] (Dr. Sanjay Pandya with Rajkot Deputy Mayor Dr. Darshitaben Shah)

• Chronic kidney disease (CKD) is a worldwide public health problem with adverse outcomes of kidney failure and       premature death.
• CKD affects approximately 195 million women worldwide.
• CKD is currently the 8th leading cause of death in women, with close to 600,000 deaths each year.
• CKD is more likely to develop in women compared with men.
• Lupus nephropathy or kidney infection typically affects women more.
• CKD is a risk factor for adverse pregnancy outcome and reduced fertility.
• Women who have CKD are at increased risk for negative outcomes for the mother and the baby.
• Pregnancies in women with advanced CKD are most challenging with high rates of hypertensive disorders and preterm births.
• Preeclampsia, septic abortion (infection of the placenta) and major bleeding after giving birth are leading causes of acute kidney injury in young women and may herald future CKD in survivors.

To take an insight, check out KidneyEducation

Featured Highlights:
• Kidney education website constitutes history, sets a world record for “eBook in the most number of languages in a website” finding a place in the prestigious Golden Book of World Records and Asia Book of Records.

• Availability of eBook: Download 200-paged kidney book for kidney patients in 23 International & 12 Indian languages completely FREE!!!

KidneyEducation – 40 Million Hits in just 87 months!

• “KidneyEducation” First website in the world which offers kidney book through WhatsApp totally free @ +91-94269-33238

Or by sending an email to KidneyEducation, one can avail the book directly onto the phone in the desired language. Or by following us on Facebook @KidneyEducation

The foremost slogan of Kidney Education is to spread awareness and cure kidney disease. The Kidney Education Foundation does not have any sponsors or external aids and runs solely as a charitable mission.

An Exclusive Interview with Ameet Chaudhry – Co Founder of eLaundry


1. Tell me something about yourself? (Your childhood days. Your dreams, about your  school and college life)

I have spent my early childhood and did my primary education in my native place Darbhanga, Bihar. Thereafter have been in Mumbai and Pune for further studies. And again back to Mumbai.

2. When did you start thinking about becoming an entrepreneur?

It was during my graduation days, when I first thought of starting on my own. But it was vague at that time. It took me almost a decade to start.

3. How did you come up with your idea(s)?

We were coining various ideas, during our research we found laundry and dry cleaning to be one of the biggest yet most unorganized sector. We started researching deep about the sector. And the based on some online research papers and our own offline research, we found that laundry is an acute problem to millions of people. It pinches you but does not pain.

4. Who influenced you to want to become an entrepreneur?

I can’t blame someone for my enjoyable roller coaster ride. Actually, I have always been inspired by Mr. Ratan Tata & then later on the journey of Vijay Shekhar Sharma too influenced me a lot.

5. What are the most important characteristics a person needs to be an entrepreneur?

I am not an expert on entrepreneurship, so I am wrong person to answer this. But, Mr. Kunal Shah said during one of his talk, Perseverance is the key to success.

6. What are the least important characteristics to be an entrepreneur?

(I just understand, what is important… Dream, Passion and Persistence are required.)

7. What talents do you possess that have helped you in your business?

I am not talented, I am a hard working guy. I understand people (customers, laundry partners, and my team) and that helps me a lot. My prior experience has also helped me immensely in current role.

8. What are the biggest challenges of being an entrepreneur?

One has to have Patience, as it’s a lone journey. As someone has said, “Entrepreneurship is not a sprint it’s a marathon”. Every day there is a new challenge which needs to be tackled, difficult to point out the biggest or smallest.

9. Where did you get the money to start your business?

We started with our own savings.

10. What are the risks and rewards of being an entrepreneur?

The only risk is, “Not doing what you love”. If you succeed than rewards are huge and innumerable (I guess). But even if one fails biggest reward is their Experience and their Journey, nothing can match it.

11. If you could start over, what would you do differently in starting and/or running your business?

None of the core team members are from business background, so we started with a very different mind-set and then many people have helped us understand and grow our business. I don’t regret but, we started very small, If I get a chance to start again I will start big this time. But this has come with experience.

12. Does Qualification Matters to be a successful entrepreneur?

It may help in some way but qualification does not decide the success or failure of an Entrepreneur.

13. How bootstrapping is essential to start our own Startup. What are the challenges?

I believe, bootstrapping is not by choice in most of the instances. The decision itself is very challenging, to bootstrap or go home after you have put in so much of time & effort behind something you believe in. And if you decide to bootstrap then you see many unseen aspects (good and bad) of yourself and people around you. But bootstrapping may not be easier but it helps a lot, it gives you immense confidence and belief about your product, people and industry too.

14. An advice to all aspiring entrepreneurs who want to start their own Business?

Mr. Tata said, “I don’t believe in taking right decisions, I take decisions and then make them right”. I firmly believe in it. There isn’t going to be any right time. If you want to do something do it now. Put in everything that you can, behind your dreams.

15. Last but not the least. what is the definition of success according to you.

Patience, persistence and perspiration make an unbeatable combination for success. We have been Patient, Persistent and we are Perspiring daily to achieve small goals in order to succeed.

Impact of Budget 2018 on Startup Ecosystem

budget 2018 image

Considering this year budget, the impact of budget 2018 on the start-up ecosystem is not much. No doubt, these time end numbers of taxes are indulged. However, some of the initiatives announced by Finance Minister, Mr. Arun Jaitley, which will impact investments and exits are as follows:

  1. Digital India and other tech announcements:

The budget for Digital India Scheme doubled to Rs. 3071 crores for FY19, a progressive move towards the progress of the nation. Considering the increment, the government deployed the investment of Rs. 10,000 crores for rural Wi-Fi hotspots, where more than 4 crores people can access to broadband speed internet by the deployment of 4.5 lakhs Wi-Fi hotspots.

Their motto is to make the India digital and increase the consumption of internet, make people more smart and active. The terrific move for all digital businesses in the country.

And literally, me being a start-up enthusiast personally feel an encouraging initiative. Although, tech companies are capturing the markets, so what if, government plays a crucial role in it?

  1. Long-Term Capital Gain Tax:

This step of the budget may discourage start-ups, introduced Long Term Capital Gain Tax. If your long-term capital gains exceed Rs. 1 lakh, which levies a 10 percent tax made in the share, may adversely affect the start-up ecosystem.

  1. Hike to education, agriculture, healthcare, and infrastructure:

The Prime Minister of India, Narendra Modi, has given huge importance to education, be it girl or boy. For education sector, the government has allocated Rs. 85,108 for next monetary.

The government increased institutional credit target for agriculture to Rs. 10 lakh crores for FY19. Last but not the least, the government had concentrated on health care programme and schemes which aims to ensure 500 million people for up to Rs, 500,000 per year.

  1. Relaxation for MSMEs (Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises):

Among these announcements, one will impact the start-up ecosystem, the government decided to reduce the income tax to 25 percent for small-scale firms with annual turnover of up to Rs. 249 crores.

Though the government already releases the start-ups from taxes for beginning five years of their organization, this contemporary move can help them further.

  1. No discard of Angel Tax:

At present, the government of India imposed 30 percent of investors, under the Angel tax clause it had brought in the Income Tax Act in 2012. VCs and Startup-up builder had a belief that the government would reject this tax in Budget 2018.

The startup area could have profited from the demise of the angel tax offered by the government earlier and notably prolonging the tax holiday time for companies to help them accomplish a certain scale.

While, some of the other specialists are of estimation that this transit is not going to hit the sector, as it doesn’t hinder the investors from lending in the start-ups.

SalemMango Startup Story

SalemMango Startup Story image

SalemMango Startup Story image


Tell me Something about yourself: I am Sathish, CEO of SalemMango born in a remote village named Mottandipalayam in Salem district which has no newspaper or Cable facility till date, in an Agricultural family.

Tell me Something about your Education Background: I started my schooling in Sri Amman Matriculation school, the only school in our village and finally graduated in Adhiyaman College. As you all expected, I completed the same B.E and was a VIP(Velai Illa Pattadari)

How did you strike this idea for your startup: After completed B.E, I was selected in an IT company and was thrown out in Six months due to the recession. Then after frustrated with trying Bank exams and Govt. jobs, I planned to take care of our family business (Agriculture). While explaining my decision to my school friend (Dinesh Kumar), he encouraged and supported me. He was a Software Engineer and specialist in IT domain. One fine evening in a random talk, I asked him why can’t we send our farm mangoes online to city people where there is a lot of adulterants and carbide mangoes. He said Yes. That’s it 🙂

When did you finally managed to start your startup: The idea was discussed on May 2016. And after studying the feasibility, we started developing our website and managed to complete on October 2016. We officially launched the website on Nov 2016 mango season.

Who are your Co-Founders: SalemMango was started along with two of my old school friends Dinesh Kumar & Sangeeth. They both are from the Agricultural background, mango farm owners and worked in IT companies.

How Many members are there in your team: I can say we three along with every farmer in our village is a part of our team. Producing the fruits, food items to packing and shipping is done by every one of us and the profit is shared amongst us.

What is the Turn-Over of your Company: Initially it was started with only mangoes and due to demand from our customers who want every agricultural produce to be shipped to their place, we expanded to other food items like Ghee, Country sugar, Jaggery, Honey etc.

What are the Future Plans: Our plan is to connect the people in the city who longs for natural and quality food, to farmers who produce quality foods in the traditional way with a better price. We are happy to serve you traditional foods to everyone. But unfortunately, people in City won’t have time to think about villages like us. So we are sending you the healthy and organic ingredients to cook healthy food which everyone deserves.

What are the challenges that you have faced so far: Despite having quality foods in our hands, initially we faced a lot of problems technical-wise, transportation, marketing. Believe it or not, I just started using smartphone 8 months before. High-speed 3G internet connection is still a daydream for me in my village.

Who are your Mentors: My school friends and college friends are a great support for me till date and managed to get a lot of ideas from them.

5 Successful Business Magnet Books of 2018 – Must Read

StartupAgni Business Books Image

Read! Read! Read! Often our teachers, parents, guardian have told us this word. Reading is considered as the primary habit, we all know. Successful business magnet, books like Entrepreneurial You, Hacking Innovation etc. are read by business tycoons. Even successful business magnets like Bill Gates and Warren Buffett used to read hundreds of pages and books each day. But now people think why to waste time in reading books? There are experts who can help me out. Great! if you have experts, but not all the time they will be available for you. To administer or start a business, you need to read such business books which gives you insights into your interesting subject. So here, are seven successful business magnet books to be read:

1. “Hug Your Haters” It’s written by Jay Baer, the first-ever book which will give you an insight into the customer service. It basically tells you about the customer’s expectations in the digital era. Not only this, he had explained how to change bad news into a terrific news. Not every customer will be satisfied with the services. By reading this book you can definitely convert your antagonists into ambassadors.

2. “The StartUp Hero’s Pledge” One of the great venture capitalist, bitcoin aficionado, and billionaire investor Tim Draper has written a book and at the start, he decided to publish every chapter for available on Medium. He shares his thoughts on investment decisions, liberty, investment decisions, and his philosophical approach to life and works as an early supporter of Baidu and Skype.

3. “Leading through the turn” She is again back with the new book. Author Elise Mitchell gives the direction how to become a leader with a journey mindset. You will find end number of books in play bookstore, but this book will make your life. She has discussed certain lessons, stories, and interviews with successful leaders. It’s entirely inspirational and practical advice giver book.

4. “Superconnector: Stop Networking and Start Building Business Relationships That Matter” I just love its title, Do you? In today’s digital world, thanks to the social media everyone is networking, but not building connections. “Superconnector” is an assortment of habits where networks should concentrate on their energies, as super connecting. This title intention is to move you away from bad networking habits and closer towards “value mindset” which helps in your personal and professional presence.

5. “Selling Vision” Written by Lou Schachter and Rick Cheatham, part of the leadership team at BTS. A strategy firm which renders insights and understanding of the essential factors that advance the sales execution. They both have shared their experiences with an alternative case for generating change. They had used a brilliant sales methodology which transforms your sales at a peak

Bottom words: I don’t know whether you love reading business books or not. But, to be a voracious reader is plus point for every common man as well. Because simultaneously, it improves your health, it’s scientifically proven. It’s not late, 2018 can lead you towards success. Endure reading successful business magnets, books of this year.

8 Quick Questions Before Welcoming Any Job Offer: Ask Yourself

interveiw questions image

I seriously sometimes feel like asking myself questions before welcoming any job offer. Do you feel so? When you find any job which matches to your portfolio you start sending them resumes. Right? But have you ever thought tons of resumes are sent out and interviewed almost as often, so why you?
interview questions image

It’s the happiest moment when you receive a confirmation mail or call from the respective company. I agree, beyond the shadow of doubt acquiring a job offer feels like an eventual accolade.

But just because someone offers you a job, doesn’t mean that you endure it. An extreme number of thoughts keeps on rolling into your mind before and after the interview. If I am not wrong!

As I said above, end numbers of thoughts and questions are on your mind. Recall to that interview and ponder it over a slight before you welcome the right path. So beneath are some quick questions which you need to ask yourself.

  1. What is expected of me beforehand? Almost in some cases what happens is, people are so thrilled about the professional chance that they go blank while asking the basics, as in, what to ask? They just nod their head which goes in favor of YES! (not in all cases).Ask them, “What will your first week look like, considering daily task?” Ask every minute detail which you feel like asking. Don’t feel hesitate about nailing this kind of questions. Make sure that your expectations of the task assemble with the actuality.
  2. Am I happy with my salary package? Nowadays, people are in the myth that they get a high salary in the initial stage. Sometimes what happens if your interviewer takes it in later meeting too, in such case you may need to blunt what the salary is! Even interrogate if there’s any source of negotiation. Once you have been answered these question you can make a determination if you feel content satisfaction. If not, let it hold with the hiring manager prior you nod positively or negatively.
  3. Am I cozy with anticipated company culture? People dream about favorable company culture but it is not always you end up your desire to be true. Agree, you can’t step into office and promptly know either the employee are pleased as punch or entirely drained but you can at least get an idea. You can even figure out if you get a chance to pass out through main entrance of the office. It will be easy for you to know better.

    You might think why should I poke my nose? It is because to know whether you are drudge kind or a charismatic, you should be able to know where your fellow worker falls on the spectrum.

  4. How do I feel about the company as a whole? It’s a terrific news that you land up to your desired job, but you won’t last for a longer time period if your company is timid. You need to do brief research about the company. How other people perceive, nowadays what company do they allow their current employees to rate them which shows how they treat with employees and social platform is another good option for you.

    Along with that, what you can do is ask your friends if they had worked before there, it will give you an idea what and how you can use them as a resource too. At last public opinion matters! It will be easy for you to grab right path.

  5. Is there any red flag with my seniors?  You are well versed in the types of interviews taken if its group interview you get to know more. Ultimately, the interviews are one-to-one with your boss who is unknown to you. So its impossible to assess someone’s personality in a minute or hours. But if you pay attention, you can know how does he talk with other employees or interviewer, phone calls etc. If you access this minute thing it gets easy for you to decide if your own personality would clash or mesh with your senior leadership style.
  6. Will it bring me closer to my career goals? Is there any professional enhancement for me? Indeed, crucial to know! which people ignore considering a tag of professionalism. It’s terrific that you earn good package income but remember its just building block for your career. You need to know what you are doing is taking you towards your goals or not, if not, makes no sense doing it.

    As I said before, the tag of professionalism, yes the tag of professionalism can be grabbed! How can it be done? Simply ask your interviewers. See what kind of jobs are available considering your job positions and turnovers too. This, not only gives you better understanding but you get to know about the employees too. And simultaneously if in case you joint there, you can plan out further for enhancing yourself.

  7. Are the pace and workload favorable to my personality? Nowadays, people are more in stress and depressed because of their workload. So if you thrive under an extreme amount of stress and wee hours of the morning. Its indeed to know the weekly hours and workload because you know yourself better, what matches to your personality. Whereas some people are committed to their task even if they want beauty sleep. Ask accordingly what fits you better.
  8. Have I thoroughly read my contract? Let suppose, you cracked your interview and lastly after that that you sign a contract. But before signing u need to read every minute detail written on the piece of paper. Lots of people think its formal offer letter but it actually proves them as an employee-at-will. Don’t feel shy to ask, if you are unclear with any of the terms in it.

Bottom words:

Ask yourself this questions before welcoming any job and I am sure you will get a terrific response from you and a company you desire for.  Be confident, don’t be nervous.

Dhanuyatra : World’s Largest Open Air Stage Festival

Dhanuyatra image

News Courtesy/Helping on News Collecting by Bijay Nanda Debta
Dhanu Yatra: It is an annual drama-based open-air theatrical performance celebrated in Bargarh, Odisha Spread across a 6km radius area around the Bargarh municipality, it is considered as world’s largest open-air theater. It is based on the mythological story of Krishna (locally known as Krusna), and his demon uncle Kansa. Originating in Bargarh, in the present day play, the enactments of the play are being performed in many other places in Western Odisha. The major one of these is the original one at Bargarh. It is about the episode of Krishna and Balaram’s visit to Mathura to witness the Dhanu ceremony organized by their (maternal) uncle Kansa. The plays start with the dethroning of emperor Ugrasena by the angry prince Kansa, over the marriage of his sister Debaki with Basudeba, and ends with the death of Kansa, and Ugrasen restoring back to become the king. There is no written script used in these enactments. During this festival, Kansa can punish people with the penalty for their mistakes. Biju Patnaik, the former chief minister of Odisha was fined once along with his ministers. 
Dhanuyatra image
History: It is said by some old people that as a way to celebrate the freedom, of newly formed independent India after the British rulers, the labor class workers started this festival. Death of Kansa symbolized the end of colonial rules.
Mathura: The daily vegetable market inside the heart of the town becomes the main stage of the festival. The temporary stage is built up using bamboo, cloth, and other decorating materials. The cement concrete roof of market shops works as the main platform. Cultural troops perform here in presence of King Kansa, invited the guest and eager audience ranging from children to old people.
There is the historical place of the starting point, at the rear area of the daily market, where the holy mast is erected few days before the actual festival begins. Historically this place has been used by “Sanchaar” dance form performers. It is a declining and going extinct form of dance. Only handful old performers of this dance form are left, who still come every year to perform. This dance goes on throughout out the night to keep the visitors of the villages engaged with entertainment, question answers etc.
Dhanuyatra image
Gopapura: Nearby village Ambapaali is rendered as Gopapura, during the festival. Villagers paint their houses to the themes of the mythology, hand drawings on walls showing various stories of Krishna. Wall writing of poetic stanzas is quite common on almost all walls of the village.
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Yamuna River: Jeera River, flowing on West side to the main town, is transformed into river Yamuna for these 10 days. The river is used in the drama in 3 days of the play –
1.When Krishna is born and Vasudeva goes to leave Krishna, his son at king Nanda’s place, for the safety from the killer hands of Kansa
2.During Raas Leela of Krishna with Gopis along the banks of the river (Gopapura – Ambapaali)
3.When minister Akrura goes and brings Krishna Balaram Brother duos to show them Dhanu Yatra at Mathura (Bargarh) city.
Recently Dhanuyatra held between 23rd December 2017 to 2nd January 2018 (11 Days)

Evolution of CryptoCurrencies – Bitcoin (Evolution and the future) – 2018

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Cryptocurrencies are a major shift from the traditional method of currency. Cryptocurrencies are evolving every day, they have created a new revolution, a revolution which has completely transformed the cash system.

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Cryptocurrencies are a major shift from the traditional method of currency. Cryptocurrencies are evolving every day, they have created a new revolution, a revolution which has completely transformed the cash system.
It all started on October 31, 2008, when someone under the alias of Satoshi Nakamoto released a whitepaper detailing everyone about what would be the first cryptocurrency in the world, Bitcoin.
Bitcoin was released to the public in 2009. Satoshi launched bitcoin as an open source software releasing it for everyone to freely update it.  Early investors like Hal Finney (the recipient of the very first Bitcoin transaction) were mainly from the cryptography community itself, but soon everyone started to experiment with it and realized the value it held not in terms of money but in terms of having no upper body regulating it. People realized Bitcoin as safe, anonymous, and completely decentralized. Since then bitcoin has evolved a lot.

Bitcoin is based on the P2P network protocol without any regulatory body, transactions directly take place between users with the cryptography help and no intermediary system.
All these transactions are registered in the database of the public distributed ledger called blockchain and are verified by network nodes.
Bitcoin holds different meaning to different people, some started to see it as a technology which helps in storing value and improving payment transfer, while some use it to buy goods and services.
Bitcoin which now is heavily speculated to reach $20,000 did not even cross $0.39 in 2010. On May 22, 2010, a developer purchased 2 pizzas for 10,000 Bitcoins and did what to be known as the first transaction with Bitcoins. Today those 10,000 Bitcoins are worth millions.
It has several benefits such as Swift Transactions, Transparent System, Anonymity, and Decentralization. Bitcoin and many other altcoins hold so much to offer in future with the rise in the transaction of cryptocurrencies, the buy/sell process will be made simpler, more exchanges to trade cryptos will set up.
There are countries still lacking the person to person payment method, Bitcoin would be a much-needed change for them in future if the transaction process is made simpler.
Bitcoin along with other cryptos still hasn’t reached its fullest potential as financial institutions from different parts of the world will soon start implementing it as a mode of payment on their website and this will cause a chain reaction and soon even e-commerce industries will give bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies a huge boom and this will change everything we knew about cash system in past. In the next 5 years, blockchain technology is believed to be adopted by different financial institutions as well.
A country which lacks in infrastructure but is high in smartphone usage can reap benefit from these coins.
Ban of Bitcoins in certain countries as China in 2013  had led to significant depression in the prices of Bitcoin which clearly indicated how important worldwide acceptance is to the crypto market and its prices.
However, in future Ethereum Network is most likely to grow which would lead to a greater demand of Ethereum, ripple, on the other hand, is also helping banks have a simpler and cheaper transaction, different currencies are backing up different technologies.
Competitors of Bitcoins are gradually increasing in number, but Bitcoin with the current user base can still continue to grow and stay at the top for a long time.  Bitcoin with the current market cap of  $217.58 billion is leading the crypto trend, and with the positive attitude of different financial institutions towards it, things don’t seem as bad for the evolution of bitcoin and other cryptos in future as one would think.

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